Content Marketing in Higher Education Communication

Instead of flat advertising messages, information and added value are in demand today

Content Marketing

How can you stay visible and relevant for your target group in the digital age, in which approximately 3.5 million search queries are submitted to Google every 60 seconds? Brands such as Coca Cola and Schwarzkopf are leading the way: The product to be marketed and the appropriate advertising message are increasingly receding into the background. High-quality content is more in demand than ever to stand out from the crowd, to promote corporate identity and to counteract the advertising blindness of the target groups.

Instead of talking to the target group, communicating with them – answering questions, providing assistance. So far so good, but where to start? Content marketing “you don’t even do it”. Anyone can do one-hit wonder somehow, but what does it look like in the long run? Because it is not just a campaign, but a strategy that should be thought through and implemented by experts if it is to bring long-term success.

UNICUM offers you know-how from 30 years of target group communication and 20 years of online experience. We create the content and the media platform for you, online and offline, via which you reach your stakeholders – whether within your university or outside.