School student marketing

How do you address pupils and high-school graduates, who have grown up with mobile communication? How do you enthuse and win the millennials for studying?

We offer you quality, reliability and sound know-how in the 360° communication with pupils and high-school graduates. For an authentic and successful advertising, tailored to your offered courses, we work with individual approaches that suit you.

University student marketing

How do today’s students think? What moves them? In a constantly changing environment, it is necessary to not lose the connection and always communicate with the students at eye level.

UNICUM deals with all aspects of student life. We operate staying as close to the target group as possible and speak their language. Reach exactly your potential master’s students with the correct speech.


Online marketing

If you work in detail with the term online marketing, then you can see everything that hides behind it: SEM, display advertising, content marketing, e-mail marketing, etc. It is necessary nowadays to coordinate these disciplines optimally in a campaign to draw visitors to the website. Online expertise and associated time effort are needed here.

That is where we come into play! Our team of web specialists offers a complete service of advisory measures, content creation, advertising placements and an analysis of your campaign with all common measurands (length of stay, PIs, unique visitors, bounce rates etc.) and shows you the potential for improvement, if necessary.

Content marketing

How do you stay visible and relevant to your target group in the digital age, when 3.5 million Google queries are made every 60 seconds? High-quality content is more in demand than ever before to stand out from the crowd, promote corporate identity and counteract the advertising blindness of the target groups.

Content creates trust when it informs, entertains or advises. Take advantage of our successful print and online media to place your content in the right environment for your target group and achieve optimum effectiveness. Hand in hand with our interdisciplinary thinking editors, graphic designers and developers, we can create unique content and media platforms for you, whether online or offline.


Lead generation

More and more universities compete for bachelor- and master students. The exchange and a good counselling of the candidates are becoming increasingly important. Win new direct contacts with potential students with UNICHECK.

Use UNICHECK, UNICUM's study choice portal for your online branding. Present your university, selected study programmes or orientation programmes with a basic profile free-of-charge or an attractive premium profile. Incorporating a form for lead generation is available in both profile versions free-of-charge - you pay exclusively for generated direct contacts. An additional involvement in editorial study advisor ensures optimal visibility.


The demand for university articles in the corporate design is growing. More and more students are proudly presenting themselves in their university colours. But the production and logistics constitute a major challenge for many universities.

No reason to worry! We design and produce successful merchandising items for over 100 universities all over Germany. We also undertake sales, logistics and invoicing. We take the load off you when you need our support. Learn more...

UNICUM Wundertüte 2018

Live communication

Visionary, sustainable and different - that is how you present yourself in live communication in the 21st century. Do you want to make your college brand tangible and get anchored in the emotional world as well as in the head of your target audience?

The below-the-line agency Unicum Marketing GmbH, which specialises in young audiences, does just that and places the focus of your activity on the design and innovative implementation of promotions, events, sampling and guerrilla actions.

For us, as a German-language university in Hungary, it is not always easy to reach our target audience in Germany: at UNICUM, we always get the finest possible support for this challenge and we get the competent and target group-oriented advice, which is important for the success of our marketing activities in Germany.

Patrick Burmeier, Main speaker for Marketing and Communication, Andrássy University of Budapest

In student marketing, we have been relying for several years on UNICUM as a reliable partner with appealing, target group-oriented concepts. We experience the cooperation on a level playing field, feel to be well-assisted and well-advised.

Press office of the University of Magdeburg-Stendal

UNICUM. UNICUM convinces us with competent and target-oriented advice, many years of experience in the school- and university market and concepts befitting us, which guarantee us an optimal targeting. There is also the uncomplicated and fast communication, which makes the cooperation very pleasant.

Press and public relations of the University of Koblenz-Landau

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