Design/editorial design

For (digital) magazines, flyers and brochures, a modern and attractive design will often decide whether it will be picked up or left alone. The task of preparing communication tools complying with innovative and corporate design for target groups poses a great challenge for universities.

Rely on our many years of experience in the professional implementation of magazines, leaflets and brochures in the field of universities. Get help from our qualified graphic designers when you need help.

Print-/online editing

What is a good design without content? For a high-quality, editorial processing of your subjects, it is crucial to pick the right tone in the language of the students and high-school graduates.

Our team of young and target group-oriented editors know, how it arouses interest among the readers with high-quality and scientifically relevant content – whether in print or digital.

App & web development

There is no second chance for the first impression! This applies equally to apps as the website. Often the first contact with high-school graduates is made here, that is why a modern and professional appearance is crucial.

Be it app-development (iOS or Android), web-oriented middleware, web design or web store, we offer solutions tailored to your application cases.

Digital magazine

The digital transformation has ushered some changes to the university communications. Digital web magazine has emerged as an alternative to the traditional university magazine. However, their design and implementation are very different from a print version.

A creative, target group-oriented team of editors, graphic designers, and web specialists will take care of a professional and timely implementation of your e-paper, web magazine and app-magazine.

Video production

Videos are particularly suitable means of communication for the “YouTube generation”. It is however not so easy to produce a video message, which is at the same time interesting, believable and entertaining. To create such a message, you need people who can write a screenplay, understands light and sound, and can operate a camera and an editing software.

At UNICUM, we regularly produce videos, some of them with quite simple means, but very good results. These are e.g. video surveys on behalf of higher education institutions, in which students present their location and tell why they love to study there. To spread your message, you can use the numerous channels of the UNICUM site network in addition to your own platforms.

Digital screens

More and more universities and student welfare services are introducing smart screen systems to inform their students or to entertain them – e.g. at dinner, during sports or in waiting areas. We know which hardware and software are best suited for this and we offer our own technology for editorial administration, provide editorial content on request and provide the universities with additional revenues / counter-financing from the sale of commercials.

Benefit from our experience: We already supervise 270 infoscreens at 46 universities. If you are already operating infoscreens, we will support you with content and marketing. If you still cannot decide, we will help you with the design, purchase and commissioning.


To leave a lasting impression in the memory of high-school graduates and university students, it takes more than just traditional advertising nowadays. Because the young target group consciously picks out the useful messages for themselves, it is necessary to create useful and entertaining contents and to generate a maximum reach by these.

Our editorial staff engages right there and composes texts, which stand out due to a natural integration into the editorial layout of portals with extensive reach with target group-related topics. The goal is to meet the reader at eye level and deliver real added value. SEO-optimization and a scattering in the social media provide a far-reaching and sustained binding.

For us, as a German-language university in Hungary, it is not always easy to reach our target audience in Germany: at UNICUM, we always get the finest possible support for this challenge and we get the competent and target group-oriented advice, which is important for the success of our marketing activities in Germany.
Patrick Burmeier, Main speaker for Marketing and Communication, Andrássy University of Budapest
In student marketing, we have been relying for several years on UNICUM as a reliable partner with appealing, target group-oriented concepts. We experience the cooperation on a level playing field, feel to be well-assisted and well-advised.
Press office of the University of Magdeburg-Stendal
For our pupils and student marketing, we love to collaborate with UNICUM. UNICUM convinces us with competent and target-oriented advice, many years of experience in the school- and university market and concepts befitting us, which guarantee us an optimal targeting. There is also the uncomplicated and fast communication, which makes the cooperation very pleasant.
Press and public relations of the University of Koblenz-Landau

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